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Monday, October 29, 2007

cyclo the cross

pictures from the bicycle ride...

here we have Kyla demonstrating mad preload skillz.

notice how the feet are perfectly parallel with the ground.....nice.

then Alex is like, check this out, my waterbottle matches my jacket and helmet. wickedly awesome.

meanwhile JP is airborn with DIABLO

Aaron has mastered the Endo. dope, sic, phat.

brraaattta ttaaattaaaattaaatt

then the best part of all..... hopp'n the barrier

OBB's rider is ready for action next week in Nanaimo.

looks to me like Kyla is too.

and with that kinda smile.... there's no stopping ya.

PK dances a jig when he lands.


PK takes the lead in this week's sprint....


Brebran park!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A blast from the past!! It could be Steve Prefontaine or Jeff Phillips!

nice form, good focus, impressive sprint and the will to WIN!!!!!

Stevo w/Papaya!

Stevo the Cyclocross Mudder!!

from Stevo's blog.. cyclocross maniac race report.

I'm going to skip a bit and talk about today's cyclocross race because it fits in here. One of the expert riders was telling me that he finds no matter what group he rides with in a cross race, it feels hard. That is, whether he is riding fast with the leaders, or slower with another group. Basically the moral is your body will rise to the occasion. It will do what you ask of it. Speed, Time... these things are irrelevant.

I found the same thing this morning. Starting out at the back of the pack, "ok this is kinda hard, but I'm going to ride with the group up ahead." Then once you're with that pack it's exactly the same thing, "ok this is kinda hard, but I'm going to ride with the group up ahead." Eventually here you are with the leaders, then you've reached the plateau. Remember rule #1: A plateau is not a limit, it's just a plateau. There are no limits, only plateaus. This is where you need to be conscious of yourSelf, and in this case: ride.

Here's a brief summary of the race:
It was a blast. I raced the intermediate division, came third and was named the most aggressive rider.

We started in a couple lines. I was at the back to begin with because of not having raced before. No biggie. I just got a feel for the race for the 1st two or so laps. After that I started moving up from one group to the next. I think I went from 14th, to 10th, to 6th, to 3rd. I was reeling in 1st and 2nd place and got within 7 or 8 seconds of second. Then the race was over, so I'll settle for 3rd this time.

Technically the race was pretty cool. There were a couple sections where we needed to get off the bike to run up a steep sandy hill and through some gravel. Then a single step which I needed to dismount for, but others were able to easily hop it. A little more practice and I'll have that down. There were also 2 decent sized mud pits we went through on each lap. The bike has officially been broken in.

I almost ate it on one a couple corners and some downhills a couple times, but managed to stay on the bike. You definitely learn pretty quickly to shift the weight around and take corners in the drops!

Now, back to Saturday afternoon where we had a sweet cross ride at Beacon Hill. There are lots of lessons learned these days. Maybe not all new lessons, but definitely more examples of the same thing happening again, and again... or maybe now I am just noticing things more clearly....let's call these "lessons" positive reinforcements.

Just be conscious of these things, and stay in the moment. Stay on YOUR path, Focus and Enjoy.

Posted by stevo 0 ya heard me's

Stevo's initiation to cyclocross racing was GOOD!

Stevo travelled up to Duncan for one of the Island Cup cyclocross races.. Guess he's been bitten by the cyclocross bug. He ripped it up in the mud.. read his blog for a StevofiveO race report. Some of us will head up to Nanaimo for the Island champs on Nov 4th on last years National Champs course.. for some mud, fun and barriers.

Richard, any pics from the Saturday Beacon Hill cyclocross?

Saturday, October 6, 2007

What it takes

This is my first contribution to this blog :)~
The group looks very good starting this year. We have a full squad, with many talented athletes. Talent is not enough however. You must commit to doing what it takes to get to the top of your game. It is a long year so make sure you have what it takes to get through the year in one piece, fit, fast and happy. Make sure you study and know what it takes to win, to train like a champion, to pick your self up after you fall and to never give up.
I look forward to coaching you all this year. Just don't be alarmed if you finnd yourself swimming fast.


Friday, October 5, 2007

XCand training pics

Someone said this XC race was a 5.5 km jog followed by

a 500 m sprint.... this was the sprint!!!

Etienne, Aaron and Matt. Elk Lake high school
XC race.

Matt at Beacon Hill race

Gabby, showing those Oak Bay girls
what it's all about !!!

Matt and Aaron, warming up.

Serious stretching after a run at Elk Lake
Gabby, Lowell and Kyla

Real nutrition (cookies) after the run....

New Start....

Bit of food and fun... Before heavy training starts....