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Monday, June 14, 2010

Summary May - June racing

A bit of catching up on some strong results over the past few weeks.

1. May 22, PATCO and Continental Cup, Ixtapa Mexico
Due to large surf on the morning of the race the swim was cancelled for both the junior and senior elite races.   The race officials added a short run in lieu of the swim on a very hot day in the 40's.

Notable results by NTC athletes:

Elite Men:    Jeff Phillips - 4th, AP Baillargeon-Smith - 8th, Austin Horn 21st.
Elite Women:    Kyla Coates - 11th
Junior Men:   Cole Stewart - 17th (Matt Sharpe, Marc-Antoine Christin, Tim McLean - DNF)
(Ian Donald, Guelph - 2nd, Joel Howlett, Sask - 4th)
Junior Women:   Christine Ridenour - 3rd, Alison Hooper 7th
(Joanna Brown, Ottawa - 1st overall)

2.  June 13th Hy Vee Elite Cup, Des Moines, Iowa

Elite Women:  Paula Findlay - 4th (racing a world class field),  Kyla Coates 26th (1st Olympic Distance race).  (Kathy Tremblay, Montreal - 26th)
Elite Men:  Kyle Jones - 13th

3.  June 13th WASA Lake Triathlon, Cranbrook

Elite Men:  Cole Stewart - 1st, Aaron Thomas - 2nd.

Congratulations to everyone!!  Nice start to the season.

Next up is the Coteau du Lac Junior Elite / Premium Continental Cup on June 26th.