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Monday, November 22, 2010

November, 2010

Before the Pain :) 

A few bits of news:

  •   The Mod Squad headed up to Comox/Courtenay on November 10-13 for the annual fall training camp.  Lot's of good cyclo cross rides on the single tracks and fire roads of Cumberland (highly recommended for fun and adrenalin) along with our usual swim / run sessions.  Some good dinners out, plenty of laughs and some good mud and spills into the creek and bushes.   We were pleased to be joined by Ellen Pennock from Calgary. 

  • NTC men's squad (Simon, Kyle, A-Russ, A-Mac) just returned from their very successful camp in Arizona. Welcome home boys. 

  • A few days of rare snow in Vic has made for fun but chilly cross rides.  

  • Kyle, we all wish you well.  We look forward to seeing you back in the pool soon. 

Super Alex on her new Trek XO cross bike 
Swim session at the Comox Aquatic Centre

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well done Team NTC.

Oh sooo far behind on blogging!! :(

Well.. were to start?  Maybe at the end and I'll do a better job in the coming year. :)

It's the end of the season for the majority of the team and some well deserved off season (rest, fun, fun, rest and maybe some school and easing back into training).   Fall start up -  Oct 1, 7:30 a.m. SCP.

Recent NTC dev squad highlights:

1. Budapest ITU World Champs:   U23 women - Kirsten silver, Kyle 37th  - Elite Men,  U23 men - JP 38th.. ripping bike split,  Junior Men - Matt 9th, Cole 21st (way to crush boys.. oops .. men!), Junior Women - Christine -12th,  and last but not least, Elite Women - Paula - 5th..  and so close to the steps (WCS series top runner)!! :).  

(great racing in Budapest by Joanna Brown - junior women's bronze, Alexander Hinton - 16th junior men, Andrew York 24th U23 Men).

2.  National Champs, Kelowna:  Matt - national junior champ, Paula national elite champ,  Simon - defending his national title in a thrilling sprint finish Kyle who made Simon work for the win and A-Russ who climbed onto the podium with an impressive third place finish.

You guys impressed this summer.  Be proud of your squad, all the work you've done and the fantastic results!     Get some rest.. have some fun.. lot's of work ahead for the 2011 season.  It will be good!  

Monday, September 13, 2010

Paula's fantastic performance at World Champs in Budapest.

Edmonton Paula Findlay wrapped up a sensational rookie season Sunday in Budapest.(Delly Carr/ITU)
Edmonton Paula Findlay wrapped up a sensational rookie season Sunday in Budapest.(Delly Carr/ITU)
When Paula Findlay won in Hyde Park at the London Olympic Games venue she was shocked. She was just hoping to be in the top 15.
When the little redhead made it two-for-two in the World Championship Series on the challenging cobblestone of Kitzbuhel, Austria, she said she surprised herself again.
She was just hoping to be in the top 10.
Sunday in Budapest, in the Grand Final of the series, the 21-year-old, who along with the curlers and moguls skier Jennifer Heil are keeping the City of Champions signs up in Edmonton, finished fifth. And was disappointed.
“She had some emotion today,” said coach Pat Kelly via cell phone as Findlay headed to doping control after finishing only two seconds off the podium and what would have been a third consecutive medal in her third race with the big girls.
“She was a bit emotional with her family at the end. She really wanted to be on that podium,” he said.
“In my mind it was quite important she did what she did today. She showed she wants to win every time. The bottom line is that it was an outstanding season. Once she’s able to put it in perspective I’m sure she’ll see that.”
Chris Dornan of Triathlon Canada was with her outside doping control for what turned out to be a long wait.
“We have a fighter here,” he said via BlackBerry email while he waited.
“We have a rookie that nobody knew two months ago, a girl who shocked the world twice. She entered this race as a favorite and finished the race fifth. But she was dejected. She wanted the podium.
“She was way back and fought all day. She had a bad swim, fought back to lead on the bike, fell back on the run and then turned on the jets to fight for the podium. She leaned over, exhausted after giving everything, water and sweat pouring off her. She was emotional but more angry like a veteran who wanted more and felt like she could have delivered more yet was absolutely fantastic.
“It was a hell of a gutsy performance. She said she had to fight harder for this fifth than her two victories.”
Finally out of doping control and holding an award from the International Triathalon Union identifying her as World Championship Series Runner of the Year, a fifth-place cheque for $9,300 and fifth-place series cheque of $16,000 — making it a bigger payday than her cheques of $18,000 from both London and Kitzbuhel — she called your correspondent on Dornan’s cell.
“That took forever,” she said of her trip to drug testing.
But she said it had allowed her time to think.
“My expectations totally changed after the two wins. It changed the expectations of others, too.
“People were expecting me to podium. But after having a little time to think about it in there, now everything is in perspective. I’m thrilled with my results.
“Initially I was pretty disappointed. Today was really hard for me. Thirty seconds before the swim my strap broke on my goggles. I wear contacts. I couldn’t go without them. I had a referee tie a knot on the strap and my heart rate had to be 200 I was so stressed out when I hit the water. There was so much drama there that my swim was really bad. I rode the bike really hard to get in contention but I was seven seconds back most of the run.”
There has to be some second-guessing at Triathlon Canada for waiting so late to get her into the seven-race series. With two more results she could have won it all.
“If I’d have been in the top five in two other races, I’d have been right up there,” she said of being the world champion today. “But it’s OK. It’ll give me more motivation for next year.”
A case of timing
Kelly said it was a case of timing.
“Paula came out of school in February,” he said. “Almost all the competitors in the series are full-time. She started a little late into full-time training.”
Her coach sees a young girl who is ready to go back to her old life in Edmonton for a while before she returns as one of those full-time pros earlier next year.
“I think she’s looking forward to going home, sleeping in her own bed, going back to school and resuming her old life for a few months,” said Kelly.
“Yeah, that’s for sure,” said Findlay. “It’s hard living on my own. I like living at home. I like being with my friends at home. Victoria is an awesome training environment, but it will be a nice mental change to come home until going back full time in January,” said the U of A student who will return to class for four months early this week after 18 hours study on the way home.
While she’s been home for four days here and three days there, she’s now going to be home as Paula Findlay, international sports star instead of the girl next door.
“It’s a little different, but pretty cool. I like it.”

Monday, July 26, 2010

Focused and Ready to Race!!!

Moments before the start of the London WCS race. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paula! Juniors and U23's!!!

London WCS - No other words necessary other than Superb!!   Congratulations Paula Findlay!!

(my apologies for the lack of blogging.. too damn busy)..

Recent results -  congratulations to our fast racing Juniors and U23's.   Coteau du Lac ITU Junior Elite race and ITU Pan Am Cup - (junior women - Christine 1st, Alison 2nd, Matt 1st, Cole 3rd, Senior Elite - Paula 1st, Kyla 3rd, JP 3d)..    Sask Junior Elite race: ( Matt 1st, Marc 3rd, Christine 1st, Alison 3rd).  Great job NTC athletes.. you've worked very, very hard for these fantastic results..  keep up the strong work!!!    Coach PK

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summary May - June racing

A bit of catching up on some strong results over the past few weeks.

1. May 22, PATCO and Continental Cup, Ixtapa Mexico
Due to large surf on the morning of the race the swim was cancelled for both the junior and senior elite races.   The race officials added a short run in lieu of the swim on a very hot day in the 40's.

Notable results by NTC athletes:

Elite Men:    Jeff Phillips - 4th, AP Baillargeon-Smith - 8th, Austin Horn 21st.
Elite Women:    Kyla Coates - 11th
Junior Men:   Cole Stewart - 17th (Matt Sharpe, Marc-Antoine Christin, Tim McLean - DNF)
(Ian Donald, Guelph - 2nd, Joel Howlett, Sask - 4th)
Junior Women:   Christine Ridenour - 3rd, Alison Hooper 7th
(Joanna Brown, Ottawa - 1st overall)

2.  June 13th Hy Vee Elite Cup, Des Moines, Iowa

Elite Women:  Paula Findlay - 4th (racing a world class field),  Kyla Coates 26th (1st Olympic Distance race).  (Kathy Tremblay, Montreal - 26th)
Elite Men:  Kyle Jones - 13th

3.  June 13th WASA Lake Triathlon, Cranbrook

Elite Men:  Cole Stewart - 1st, Aaron Thomas - 2nd.

Congratulations to everyone!!  Nice start to the season.

Next up is the Coteau du Lac Junior Elite / Premium Continental Cup on June 26th.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Giro d'Italia - Ivan Basso Stage Win - 222km Monte Zoncolan

For you cycling fans - we're into some good stage racing - Giro d'Italia news at:

Basso - a determined man focused on winning!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NTC and Canadian Juniors in Ixtapa, Mexico

a few pics of Canadian juniors at a swim session in Ixtapa.  Borrowed from Rachael Edwards facebook.
Surf looks like fun. Watch out for the jelly fish and croc's!  :(  

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fast Racing in Ixtapa this weekend - good luck NTC and Canadian athletes

This Saturday May 22, is the ITU Pan American Cup and the PATCO Junior Pan American Triathlon Championships in Ixtapa, Mexico.

Best of luck to all Canadian athletes:  NTC junior athletes -  Marc Antoine Christin, Tim McLean, Alison Hooper, Cole Stewart, Matt Sharpe, Christine Ridenour (Kelly's Kids).  NTC senior athletes - Kyla Coates, Jeff Phillips, Aaron Thomas, Andrew McCartney, Austin Horn, Andre Paul Baillargeon-Smith.

We'll be cheering!!!

The day You decide to do it is your lucky day. - Japanese Proverb

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend of Local Racing!

Nice racing by everyone this past weekend. 

1.  PB's by the boys (JP, AP, A-Russ) and Paula (and 2nd overall elite woman) at the Vancouver 10k Sun Run.    Strong racing by the juniors at the Sooke Sprint.    

Next up is Ixtapa, Mexico PATCO and Continental Cup for most - Madrid WCS for Paula.   Let's get back to work!  :)  

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Powered by Chocolate Milk - BC Dairy Foundation. New Sponsor!

Triathlon Canada is pleased to announce that the BC Dairy Foundation has signed on to provide NTC Victoria athletes with chocolate milk product to aid in recovery post workout.   Thanks from the athletes!!

Research shows that a beverage containing both carbohydrate and protein, such as chocolate milk, can be more effective at increasing next-workout performance than a conventional carbohydrate- only sport beverage.1,2,3 Chocolate milk is an excellent source of protein, which is especially important for recovery if you plan to work out again within the next 24 hours. Protein helps enhance recovery by repairing damaged muscle tissue and promoting muscle growth.

Paula's World Cup Win in Monterrey, Mexico

Happiness and Relief!   Paula at the finish line at the Monterrey World Cup in Mexico.   Thanks very much to Paul Phillips of Competitive Image for the picture (ITU photographer for the event).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ohhh Team BC!

On the ride today JP and I were just chatting about the good fun Team BC had at last summer's Canada Summer Games -  a visit into the past. 


 Jeffrey Phillips and Matthew Sharpe of Victoria and Cole Stewart (Langley) with Head Coach Patrick Kelly (Victoria) -- Team BC photos by Michelle Collens
Jeffrey Phillips and Matthew Sharpe of Victoria and Cole Stewart (Langley) with Head Coach Patrick Kelly (Victoria) -- Team BC photos by Michelle Collens
Team BC won four out of the four first gold medals ever handed out in the sport of triathlon at the Canada Summer Games.
Both Team BC men’s and women’s team landed on the top of the podium Friday.
Team BC triathlon head coach Patrick Kelly (Victoria) was confident his team
Alison Hooper of Victoria made history claiming six medals in her first appearance in the Canada Summer Games
Alison Hooper of Victoria made history claiming six medals in her first appearance in the Canada Summer Games
would have a good showing, but even he could not predict that the team would sweep all four gold medals.
“I knew they had it in them but I didn’t want to put pressure on them before the Games,” said a beaming Kelly. “This is a quiet but confident team.”
Team Triathlon consists of a 300m swim, seven km bike race and two kilometre run.
Alison Hooper (Victoria) started with the first “mini triathlon” and handed off to Christine Ridenour (Cowichan Bay) who built up a small lead. Kyla Coates (Victoria) finished the third and final triathlon.
“This is so much better than winning my individual gold medal (won earlier in the week),” said Hooper. “We all have something to share. These are my training buddies. It feels great to do something as a team.”
“Everybody did their part today,” said Coates who was third to compete in the relay. “We definitely needed each other.”
The men’s team included Matthew Sharpe (Victoria), Cole Stewart (Langley) and Jeffrey Phillips (Victoria) who also won a gold medal earlier in individual triathlon.
Team BC Triathlon
Team BC Triathlon
“It feels pretty sweet,” said Sharpe. “We all put in a good effort.”
Both Hooper and Phillips won individual gold medals in triathlon earlier in the week and BC made history claiming six medals in their first appearance in the Canada Summer Games.
“This whole format is outstanding,” added Kelly whose brothers Wayne (1984 Olympics) and Jon (1988 Olympics) competed internationally in swimming. “The comraderie and support of the athletes and coaches in this environment is exceptional.”
Hooper, Coates and Sharpe now head to Australia to compete in the 2009 World Championships.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paula's World Cup Win in Monterrey, Mexico

A big Congratulations to Paula on her first World Cup win (and only second ever  WC race) in Monterrey this past weekend.

Very exciting race to watch!!  Great job Paula.  We're very happy for you. 

Maybe she will allow us to post some or all of her race report on the blog :)

High five to Andrew Russell for his outstanding performance in the men's elite race.  Andrew posted an 11th place finish (best WC result to date).  You're commitment, hard work and attention to detail is paying off Andrew (well done Coach Philippe).     Kudos to AP for gutting out a finish in a race that had some hard luck swimming, A-Mac for his gutsy effort, dominating swim, Austin for toeing the line in his first ever World Cup.  Something to be learned in every race.  Hang in there boys.. better is on it's way. 

Also congratulations to all the fast racing juniors in the Youth Olympic Qualifier relay event, in particular the speedy silver medal team of Christine Ridenour, Brook Powell, Hilary Wille and Marc Antoine Christin.  Fantastique!!  

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Congratulations: Chirstine and Brook qualify for YOG.

With Christine's 3rd place finish and Brook's 8th place finish at the Youth Olympic Games Qualifer in Monterrey, Mexico they qualify themselves for the Games in Singapore in August.  Congratulations!!

A big congratulations to all the Canadian juniors for their outstanding effort out there on Friday.  Very impressive first kick out at junior elite racing this season.   It's also been good fun hanging out with the Quebec junior girls Maghalie Rochette, Amelie Kratz and their coach Kyla Rollingson.  And of course coach Gary with this Winnipeg junior boys squad of Riler Unger, Riley McCharles and Charles Brault (yes, younger brother of the famous BOSS - Sarah Ann Brault).   And not least it's been great to reunite with Dominka Jamnicky from Port Hope, Ontario and to meet her mother who is a equally super nice as Domi.  

Dr. Young has been doing a fantastic job preventing illness and dealing with minor issues. Great to have her help at this race. 

1. Adriana Barraza (MEX) 59:46
2. Kelly Whitley (USA) 59:59
3. Christine Ridenour(CAN) 1:00:05
4. Allison Hooper (CAN) 1:01:25
5. Domi Jamnicky (CAN) 1:01:31
12. Maghalie Rochette (CAN) 1:03:41
13. Hillary Willie (CAN) 1:03:50
22. Amelie Kretz (CAN) 1:07:20

Canadian Men
1. Kevin McDowell (USA) 53:46
2. Octavio Oliveros (MEX) 54:33
3. Vinicio Ibarra (MEX) 54:54
6. Brook Powell(CAN) 55:38
18. Marc-Antoine Christin (CAN) 56:44
21. Riley MacCharles (CAN) 57:06
35. Charles Brault (CAN) 58:48
36. Riley Unger (CAN) 58:56

Youth Olympic Games Trials and World Cup (Monterrey, Mexico

Hi All.
It's been a very first few days with the Youth Olympic Games Trials for the Pan American countries.

A top eight finish by a country's athlete was required for gaining entry into the Youth Olympic Games this summer in Singapore.  It's the first every games for youth put on by the IOC so it should be pretty spectacular and exciting.

On to the junior race for women:  Hilary had a blistering swim and excited with a 40s lead riding one lap and a bit before Christine bridged up to her..   As some point soloed away and Hillary went back to the first pack including Dominaka and Magalelli Rochette from Quebec.   BC girls were well represented in the front chase pack with Christine away at the front.    She rolled into T2 with a 13s lead, unfortuntely not enough of a lead to hold off a fast charging Mexican girl.. Chrsitine ran with her for some time then the stronger Mexican opened a gap for final lap of the run for the win... Meanwhile was doing her best to holding back a strong USA runner who edged her out at the finish.    Alison crossed in 4th and Dominicky Jamnicky (ontario) cut the tape at 5th.    Very impressive year opener for the girls with three spots in the top 5.  Most central/south american countries were targeting this race and Mexico had a high alititude camp to prep for this race.  Magali and Emlie from Quebec had very strong races but has ome bad luck - flat tire for Emily out of T1 and a bike crassh for Magali.   Otherwise they raced really well.
Bient fait equipe Quebec.

OK, boys race.    Brook front pack swimmer.. lead out with a group of 2..  Brook smoked the first and rode with Kevin McDowell for 1/2 a lap .. (super strong dude on the bike).   Brook fell back to the 1st chase pace and rode well pulling the group for much of the ride.    Marc unfortunately just missed the front group and rode the race with the fist chase pack.  Onto the run the American McDowell continued to master the race with a blisterig 16:16 5k run split.  The field didn't gain on him at all.    Brook ran well finishing in 8th place overall (6th country - 8 qualify for the Yought Olympic Games).   Marc Antoine finshied strongly after not finding his form on the first lap.

Pics below.

results at

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, Tucson Camp

Last day of the Tucson Camp.   Weather has come around nicely.  We'll miss the sun and warmth of Arizona.   Everyone has worked very hard.  Time to let the body regenerate for a few days.

a.m. Last swim at the beautiful U of Arizona pool followed by noon run then some power shopping before our final team dinner.

Congratulations to all the athletes and big high five to Austin achieving the Triathlon Canada WC swim standard.  Especially well done since he did this on day 13 of the camp.

A few pics of the past few days.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, Tucson Camp

For the first week in Tucson we had some fantastic weather with temps well into the 20's however it's cooled off with some recent rain and cloud.   Training continues to roll along quite well.  Today was a lower intensity day, though the athletes might argue that the regeneration swim wasn't much of recovery with the volume being at 5.5km (all easy, technical stuff)  :)

Tomorrow we'll swim in the morning at the university pool then head to a loop at the base of Mt. Lemmon for some bike run intervals in the afternoon.

Everyone is in good spirits, though we had some disappointment today with the loss to the US in men's Olympic hockey :(    Maybe a good wake up call for the boys.  I'm sure they'll come out stronger next game.

Pics from the past few days.

Run at Sabino Canyon
U of Arizona Pool. Marc attempts to  swim the gauntlet on his bday. We love Marc Antoine. Ice cold water in Tucson.