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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the 100 x 100m club.

Photo of the squad just after finishing up a gruelling 10km swim session as 100 x 100m.  Great job you guys!  Now it's shortbread cookies and Christmas cheer!   A-Russ getting out from his 10km and on his way to 'the Stoke'.. ! Happy Holidays All.   May Santa bring you some cool training/racing gear! 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

NTC Xmas Dinner. Fun and Delicious!!! A Gigantic Thanks to Stevo and Robin

NTC Xmas dinner for the dev/junior squad!  Stevo and Robin worked tirelessly getting the big bird and other trimmings ready for all.  A superb dinner and night to remember!!!  Happy Holidays All.   

Xmas Training Camp Underway!

Junior/Dev Squad is rolling through the Xmas training camp in fine form.  Some monster swims with some monster performers.  Camp started on Thursday Dec 18 and will finish up on the morning of Dec 24.   With the unexpected snow and cold all training has been indoors.  Here are some pics, including one of A-Russ riding the rollers single leg! Sweet!!  

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Australia Youth Olympic Festival - NTC juniors!

On January 16th and 17th Matthew Sharpe, Aaron Thomas, Kyla Coates, and Alex Coates (from Victoria, BC) along with Christine Ridenour (Cowichan Bay, BC) and Cole Stewart (Langely, BC) will participate in the Australia Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney.   

They will compete in an individual sprint race on the 16th and a team relay on the 17th. 

They will represent Canada along with swimmers and gymnasts.  

Here's a link to the AYOF website:

This is the first time that Canada will contest in triathlon at the AYOF. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kelowna 2008 Pictures

My apologies for some of the photo's being blurry and sideways :-) I was in a bit of a hurry to get these up, and I didn't correct them. The pictures start with the KOS race on Saturday and ends with the Elites on Sunday.

Friday, August 15, 2008

2008 ITU Season Promo

Time to repost this video.. just before nationals. Rock the race this weekend in Kelowna! You're READY!!!!!!!!

Beijing Olympic Games


To To To To Much Fun

If i was going to summer camp, i'd make sure it had one of these

Monday, August 11, 2008

Team BC with the hardware

Team BC medallists PEI - Canada Games Test race. - August 03, 2008
Belated Congratulations to JP, Sharpie, Aaron - going 1st, 2nd, 5th and Christine 3rd, Rebecca 5th at the Canada Games Test race in PEI..   Onward to Kelowna!  Great racing ahead. 

Saturday, August 9, 2008

PEI photos and wrap up.

After a lengthy delay (5 hours) in Toronto, the group from Victoria, finally arrived back Tuesday, to a sunny, hot Victoria evening. All were very glad to be home, after days of rain and wind in Summerside PEI. At times it felt like a bad winter day in Victoria. I'm sure those athletes who will travel to Summerside for the Canada Games next year will have better weather.. ..But the people in PEI were amazing.. they went out of their way all the time to help us out… the hotel staff in particular were great. One local restaurant went out of their way and accommodated Team Ontario, Sask, Manitoba and BC, almost 50 of us, for dinner the last night with very short notice. The trip was great fun, as seen from some of the photos, all the athletes raced very fast and all of them reconnected or made new friends from the other provinces.

Links to photo albums

Friday, August 1, 2008

Update from PEI

From PEI......

pictures at

Other than our friendly national airline neglecting to put 7 of the 10 bike boxes on our flight from Toronto to Charlotetown, they did all arrive the next evening. Weather is cloudy with some sun.. bit humid but very tolerable. Team Ontario and Coach CT arrived at the pool today so there was a big group hug from the BC athletes who hadn't seen Craig since last year in Brampton.

The group... coaches, managers and kids are all having a great time and looking forward to Sunday... more updates as time allows...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pics from July 22nd Splash and Dash

Here are a few of the photo's from the Splash 'n Dash on the 22nd. I have set up a Picasa Web Album as I took alot of pictures. Here is the link for the album.

Results are posted at scroll down the main page and results from both events are posted there.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2nd Splash and Dash

Results and pictures from the Splash held on July 22nd will be posted here within the week. We had a fantastic turnout and proceds for the race went to the Cops for Cancer Fundraising. Thanks to all the volunteers, timers, recorders and our sponsors for helping make it such a great event.

Splash and Dash 2008

Results and pics from the first NTC Splash and Dash of the 2008 season, held on July 8th.

Coach PK supervising the girls getting the beach ready
for the swim

Is this some sort of ritual pre-splash and dash ??
No.. just helpful in using the range finder for sighting
the swim.

"ok how do you use one of these things??"

Start of the swim

In the water.

If you would like the results in pdf format please email and I will send them as the format is not great here.

2008 Summer Series
Results – July 8, 2008
KIDS RACE - 300m Swim, 1.5 k Run
Athlete No. Club Swim time Run Time Total Time
Jordan Kinghorn K10 Kelly’s 5:00 5:24 10:24
Cameron Graham K08 IS 4:06 6:19 10:25
Megan Kinghorn K09 Kelly’s 4:20 6:06 10:26
Maya Munzar K03 Kelly’s ? ? 10:51
Jessie Ogden K06 IS 4:17 7:10 11:27
Farisha Arensen K07 Tyee 4:40 7:06 11:46
Savanah Munzar K02 ___ 4:36 7:15 11:51
Desirae Ridenour K04 ___ 5:43 6:42 12:25
Melissa Ngawati K01 Team X 5:15 7:23 12:38
Sacha Stewart K05 IS 5:33 9:32 15:05
YOUTH RACE - 800m Swim, 3 k Run
Athlete No. Swim time Run Time Total Time
Connor Foreman Y03 Kelly’s 9:21 11:58 21:19
Scarlett Desmarais Y04 Kelly’s 10:51 14:01 24:52
Team (So-Jim) TY02 IS 10:36 17:33 28:09
Hannah Nielsen Y01 Kelly’s 11:27 11:31 (2.5k) 22:58
ADULT RACE - 800m Swim, 5 k Run
Athlete No. Swim time Run Time Total Time
Mark Schurch 12 IS Tri 10:15 19:22 29:37
Lance Watson 05 Life Sp 11:19 20:07 31:26
Trevor Streppel 01 CW Tri 10:27 21:19 31:46
Mikey Ross 09 EB Tri 11:24 20:50 32:14
Chris Miller 04 S I Tri 10:58 23:25 34:23
Lindsay Williamson 02 ___ 10:21 24:23 34:44
Emily McMilin 07 IS Tri 10:26 24:49 35:15
Patrick Bryant 06 ___ 12:08 23:13 35:21
Darrell Frank 10 ___ 12:22 23:44 36:06
Janine Frank 08 CeeVacs 12:38 24:17 36:55
Hayley Mooney 15 CF Tri 12:29 26:59 39:28
Sylvie Schurch 13 IS Tri 13:15 26:37 39:47
James Downey 16 Early Ris 12:02 27:59 40:01
Christina Stewart 14 ___ 16:22 23:46 40:08
Jennifer Dibden 11 IS Tri 12:32 31:18 43:50
Lenora Brown 03 IS Tri 17:18 28:21 45:39

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Last weekend was a crazy racing weekend for the NTC. I think pretty much everyone was racing somewhere around the world. Us Juniors went to Gatineau, Quebec and had a blast. Here are some photos!

The boys getting their medals
In Front of the Parliament buildings
Them Boys

Monday, June 23, 2008

One more

Oh- one more- Here's our group representing!

Cascade Edge Tri!

Here's some pictures of the Cascade Edge Triathlon! Congratulations goes out to all of the Juniors- especially the young ones who showed us how it is done.

Here's the race start- Sharpe is pretty pumped.

Kyla running fast.

Our winners! So proud *sniff
Ice bathing in Port Angeles
On the ferry- this is one of the most attractive pictures of all of us, so I thought I better put it up

Friday, June 20, 2008

Juniors off to Washington State

Well this was the weekend some of the juniors: Alex, Kyla, Christine, Matt, Aaron and Jeff were supposed to race at the North American Junior Champs in Des Moines, Iowa. But for anyone who watched the news last week..... as someone so eloquently put it... "in Des Moines last week there was plenty of water but nowhere to swim". The lake where the race was supposed to take place was flooded and bacterial levels made it impossible to stage the race there. After hearing that the race had been changed to a duathlon, coach PK decided that going that far and not swimming wasn't worth it. Although the athletes were disappointed it was the best decision. Of course as fate would have it, 2 days after the decision was made not to go, they found a venue in West Des Moines and the swim was on again. However with only 2 days notice to race day it was too late to change plans again.. so perhaps Des Moines next year??? Quite frankly most parents were relieved.. and so was the visa card.. seriously, with major flooding in the city and tornadoes happening it seemed a very wise decision not to go.

But what to do next???? Coach PK ever the opportunist found a race in the booming metropolis of Enumclaw Washington... where you ask??? Well about the only thing it has in common with the race in Des Moins is that they are both in the USA. Slightly south of Tacoma, Enumclaw is the site of the . The slightly smaller group: Jeff, Matt, Kyla, Alex, and Christine will represent Canada at this race on Saturday (June 21st) Check out the site for race results. Have fun, race hard and remember there is always next year to show those American Juniors what real racing is...

Recently at the finish line of the Subaru Shawnigan
Lake Sprint race. ... is that really a current member of the
Canadian Olympic team... and perhaps a few wannabe's??
l to r... Scotty, Aaron, Paul, Matt, Connor and of course Kirsten.

On the podium at Shawnigan....

Some of the team in their new cycling outfits...
at the Newton Heights Crit.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Zen proverbs.

'Be a master of mind, rather than mastered by mind.'

'Those who know don't tell and those who tell don't know.' 

Zen proverbs. 

Summary of past two weeks.

Summary of the past two weeks:

UBC training camp May 16-18.   Housing at Gage Tower Suites, swims at the beautiful UBC outdoor pool, bikes and runs on the endowment lands.  Friday bike session was on the UBC hill heading up from Spanish Banks.   Good fun with JP taking the bike hill TT prime.   

Monday May 19th was the North Shore Sprint.   Nice racing, a few hiccups on the run course but overall a good training race.  

Wed May 21 the boys (and Alex) raced the Newton Hilly Crit with Scotty taking the B win followed by Aaron and Matt.   Way to go SD!   Is it time for group A.    The group A race was taken by A-Mac.   Nice job!  

Specific Prep training continued through the week along with some open water swims at Thetis and Durrance.  Based on Sharpie's comments, Durrance is still a wee bit cool. 

Sunday May 25 was the Shawnigan Lake Sprint for Scotty, Matt, Aaron, Christine and Jennifer. Nice racing!! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Walk the Line - Get Rhythm

Well Neil and I always talk about rhythm.. so listen to Joaquin Phoenix doing a great rendition of Johnny Cash's ' Get Rhythm' The next time you're swimming or running, play this tune in your head and - get some rhythm..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Conquering Thetis Lake - May 11, 2008

climbing into the suits... some forgotten in a dusty
corner since last fall....

Matt and Brook - seems like they have grown
since the last time they wore their wetsuits.....
are they going to fit???

Coach PK urging them on... "really, we only swam
a few days later last year"... forgetting to mention that
Victoria has just had one of the coldest springs on record...
we had snow on April 19th for heaven's sake!!!

PK telling them.. "oh yeah I didn't bring the kayak today
so if you get into trouble.. well, ask one of those guys
fishing to help you out".....

"you have got to be kidding!!!!" ... word is they did it
for their Mom's... today being Mother's Day!!

the video says it all....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gray Wolf

listen to the gray wolf, look good, dont wear a helmet!

Mac Attack

Scotty this guy might have you on saddle rapping

Randy The Recumbulator

10mins well wasted...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Matt flashing his pearly whites!

Hi Mom.. lovin' it down here in Tucson.. Send money!!!   

the two amigos!

Cole and Taylor cruisin' and enjoying a lighter day of training. 


the boys and Rachel on a 2hr regeneration ride on the Old Spanish Trail.. enjoying some heat and good converstions.