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Saturday, June 27, 2009

pics from Des Moines.

As you all know, a very big day for the big kids - Simon and Lauren both climbed onto the podium today.. Simon with the big win and Lauren with a really strong run to take thrid. Other notable results was Brent with a very gutsy run to 7th spot, just seconds away from the leading pack on the run. All three of then just fattened their wallets a bit more after this race. Andrew McCartney put in a big swim to take the swim prime - $5000 US - much to the chagrin of Hunter Kemper who was apparently there to really go after the prize for the fastest swimmer. Way to go Andrew. Important World Cup race experience was had by the young guns Paula, Sarah Anne, Jeff and Andrew. Very proud of you guys! The objective was to get in some of the race then retire before the run in order to save the legs for the Team Championships on Sunday.

Here are some pics of the race.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Volunteers at the Victoria Youth Triathlon

Thanks to all the NTC group for volunteering and handing out awards at the Victoria youth Triathlon. Brings back memories for some of you racing there some years ago?? The kids really appreciated it and you all looked like you were having fun as well... THANKS !! and thanks to coach PK for being there as well.

here is a link to more pics from that day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coteau du Lac race update!

National Junior Series Race #2 - Coteau du Lac, Quebec
A quick update on racing by NTC athletes this past weekend in Quebec.   
1. Junior boys race:  great start to the race with Matt Sharpe exiting first out of the water closely followed by Cole Stewart and Aaron Thomas.  The BC boys quickly established a front pack on the bike with four others from Quebec and Ontario.   Unfortunately this wasn't Matt's day as he was taken out on the bike with a flat tire midway through the bike.   The Ontario boys showed up to race today and with some fine running took the first and second spots (Connor Hammond and Tristan Woodfine) followed by Marc Antoine Christin (Que). Cole finished up in fourth and Aaron in tenth.   Well done Ontario and Quebec. 
2. Junior girls race: again BC athletes dominated the 750m swim.  Hilary Wille, in her first year of triathlon racing, exited the water in first with Alison Hooper right on her feet.  Christine Ridenour was next out followed a few seconds later by Kyla Coates.  The front four BC girls lead the bike segment along with Stevie Moore.    For much of the bike leg the five junior women worked well together.    However with over a lap to go Hilary and Alison found the pace a bit tough and dropped off the front.   Onto the run, Kyla quickly established herself as the front runner and continued on for the win followed in by Joanna Brown of Ontario (fastest run split) with Christine rounding out the podium.  Alison raced through for fourth, followed by a fast running Super Alex Coates and Hilary.  Great day for the BC girls express!!  Yeah!!  
Senior women's race:  Paula Findlay, in her first triathlon for 2009 and coming off an extended foot injury showed Canadians why she is a talent to be watched, finished with an almost one minute lead over Victorian Kerry Spearing.    
Senior men's race:  AP .. who is soon to return to Victoria after a month away in Ontario, put in a great showing with a strong 2nd place race, followed in by 5th place the dark knight himself, Andrew Russell, A-Mac in 10th and a fast closing JP in 12th.   Austin raced his way up to 25th after some challenges during the race.  
Next up is Des Moines World Cup for JP and Paula followed the next day the the ITU Team World Championships.  Kyla has been selected as part of the relay team and will also be travelling do Iowa for some race international racing. 
Juniors next stop will be the National Junior Championships in Gatineau, Quebec on July 11th. 
Great racing NTC and BC athletes!!   Let's keep it rolling. 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

National Junior Series, Race #1, Birds Hill, Winnipeg

A quick race report of Triathlon Canada National Junior Series Race #1, Birds Hill, Manitoba.  June 07,09

Athletes arrived at race site to a very cool morning with water temp recorded at 13.2c.   The juniors boys went off first at 8 a.m. followed by the junior women at 8:05 a.m.   First out of the water was big Matt Sharpe followed by Aaron Thomas and Cole Stewart.   Jeff Phillips bridged up on the bike along with a few others to form the lead pack.   Out of transition 2,  Jeff quickly took the lead followed by Matt and Aaron.  Aaron unfortunately pulled a muscle in his calf and limped back on the first lap and retired from the race.  He's hopefully going to recover and rehab in time for the Coteau du Lac race in two weeks.   Junior boys finish was Jeff Phillips (JP is 20 yrs so he was racing for his Canada Summer Games spot and didn't count in the junior race).   Matt first junior overall, followed by Mark Okany (Manitoba) and Cole Stewart (Vancouver RTC) in third. 

Junior girls were lead out of the water by Christine Ridenour (with 15 second lead) shortly followed by a group of six or seven women.   They formed a lead pack on the first lap which included Kyla Coates, Alison Hooper, Hilary Willie and Gabriella Bolanos (all from the Victoria NTC).   Out onto the 5 km run, Kyla quickly assumed the lead followed by Sarah-Anne Brault (also a 20 year old so didn't figure in the junior finish) and the rest of the Victoria girls.   Kyla continued to build on her lead over Sarah to take first while Alison raced into second spot on the back half of the run followed in by Christine and Hilary.   So it was a BC podium with Kyla taking gold, Alison silver (great job by Alison in her first ever sprint distance race w/open water swim) and Christine bronze.  Honorable mention to Hilary for her 4th place finish also in her first ever full sprint distance race.    

Pictures to be posted later. 

Coach PK