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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

NTC Junior Elites at 2007 Kelowna Apple Triathlon

Matt, Jeff, & Aaron prior to the race start

Aaron exits the swim

Jeff on terra firma

Matt heading towards T1

Matt just a blur on the bike

Aaron cornering near transition

Jeff on the dismount

and on the run (a good skill if you have many creditors)

followed by Aaron

Matt completes the trio

PK's NTC Triad

Packing the podium

"The Gang of Four"

Kelowna Apple Tri

PK - day before the race instructions.....
practise makes perfect... !!!!
gathering for the bike course tour.
Patrick and Scotty on race morning.... looking way too relaxed...

Matt helping Kerri Ann with her elastics....

Start of the Junior Men.
Matt out of the water

Jeff and Aaron ... even the bike escort can't keep up with these two....

Matt coming into the finish.

The winner, Jeff, coming to the finish chute. I was too busy
yelling, I guess I missed Aaron coming to the finish ....

1st (Phillips) , 2nd (Thomas) , 3rd (Sharpe) .... what a team.

Aaron with the local TV crew....

Matt explaining his race to the reporter....

Junior Women and Men wait for the awards
presentation to begin.

Girls on the podium.. pretty exciting. !!!

Our Victoria Guys on the podium....

Winning coach.... not sure if Jeff is getting ready
to propose, flowers in hand !!!! Matt is getting too tall,
he has to bend over to stay in line with PK.

Happy Coach.... happy guys !!!

But later that night, the knives come out !!!
Something about having to drive with Patrick
back to Victoria the next day !!! check out this for live coverage of the race.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Longmont Pics. - look at these last

Andrew taking his position at the start line

Rachael and Sara Ann, getting their medals from Hunter Kemper.

As you can see Canada dominated... 1st and 2nd!!

All smiles....

Team Canada with Samantha McGlone.

Jeff, 3rd place.

JP checking out the prize.... only for the Americans !!! But at least he has his flag!!.

Hunter Kemper introducing himself to Team Canada.
He is so overwhelmed by our success!!!

Longmont Pics - look at this one first

The Denver airport, it was so big there was a high speed subway that took you to your gate area.

Patrick on the bus holding on to the bike boxes. We got some interesting looks
on that bus ride !!!

Team Canada in the hotel lobby. Off for a quick run in the sun and heat.

The athletes loved those giant American sized portions.

Union Reservoir - Swim practise on Day 2

Heading out into the heat for a run.

Race Meeting - Checking out the competition !!!

Matt- just before the race. Had to keep his towel
on in case he got cold !!

The Start. Our guys are at the far end...

The Finish. No race pics, I was too busy learning how to use the stopwatch !!!