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Monday, May 24, 2010

Giro d'Italia - Ivan Basso Stage Win - 222km Monte Zoncolan

For you cycling fans - we're into some good stage racing - Giro d'Italia news at:

Basso - a determined man focused on winning!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NTC and Canadian Juniors in Ixtapa, Mexico

a few pics of Canadian juniors at a swim session in Ixtapa.  Borrowed from Rachael Edwards facebook.
Surf looks like fun. Watch out for the jelly fish and croc's!  :(  

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fast Racing in Ixtapa this weekend - good luck NTC and Canadian athletes

This Saturday May 22, is the ITU Pan American Cup and the PATCO Junior Pan American Triathlon Championships in Ixtapa, Mexico.

Best of luck to all Canadian athletes:  NTC junior athletes -  Marc Antoine Christin, Tim McLean, Alison Hooper, Cole Stewart, Matt Sharpe, Christine Ridenour (Kelly's Kids).  NTC senior athletes - Kyla Coates, Jeff Phillips, Aaron Thomas, Andrew McCartney, Austin Horn, Andre Paul Baillargeon-Smith.

We'll be cheering!!!

The day You decide to do it is your lucky day. - Japanese Proverb

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend of Local Racing!

Nice racing by everyone this past weekend. 

1.  PB's by the boys (JP, AP, A-Russ) and Paula (and 2nd overall elite woman) at the Vancouver 10k Sun Run.    Strong racing by the juniors at the Sooke Sprint.    

Next up is Ixtapa, Mexico PATCO and Continental Cup for most - Madrid WCS for Paula.   Let's get back to work!  :)  

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Powered by Chocolate Milk - BC Dairy Foundation. New Sponsor!

Triathlon Canada is pleased to announce that the BC Dairy Foundation has signed on to provide NTC Victoria athletes with chocolate milk product to aid in recovery post workout.   Thanks from the athletes!!

Research shows that a beverage containing both carbohydrate and protein, such as chocolate milk, can be more effective at increasing next-workout performance than a conventional carbohydrate- only sport beverage.1,2,3 Chocolate milk is an excellent source of protein, which is especially important for recovery if you plan to work out again within the next 24 hours. Protein helps enhance recovery by repairing damaged muscle tissue and promoting muscle growth.

Paula's World Cup Win in Monterrey, Mexico

Happiness and Relief!   Paula at the finish line at the Monterrey World Cup in Mexico.   Thanks very much to Paul Phillips of Competitive Image for the picture (ITU photographer for the event).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ohhh Team BC!

On the ride today JP and I were just chatting about the good fun Team BC had at last summer's Canada Summer Games -  a visit into the past. 


 Jeffrey Phillips and Matthew Sharpe of Victoria and Cole Stewart (Langley) with Head Coach Patrick Kelly (Victoria) -- Team BC photos by Michelle Collens
Jeffrey Phillips and Matthew Sharpe of Victoria and Cole Stewart (Langley) with Head Coach Patrick Kelly (Victoria) -- Team BC photos by Michelle Collens
Team BC won four out of the four first gold medals ever handed out in the sport of triathlon at the Canada Summer Games.
Both Team BC men’s and women’s team landed on the top of the podium Friday.
Team BC triathlon head coach Patrick Kelly (Victoria) was confident his team
Alison Hooper of Victoria made history claiming six medals in her first appearance in the Canada Summer Games
Alison Hooper of Victoria made history claiming six medals in her first appearance in the Canada Summer Games
would have a good showing, but even he could not predict that the team would sweep all four gold medals.
“I knew they had it in them but I didn’t want to put pressure on them before the Games,” said a beaming Kelly. “This is a quiet but confident team.”
Team Triathlon consists of a 300m swim, seven km bike race and two kilometre run.
Alison Hooper (Victoria) started with the first “mini triathlon” and handed off to Christine Ridenour (Cowichan Bay) who built up a small lead. Kyla Coates (Victoria) finished the third and final triathlon.
“This is so much better than winning my individual gold medal (won earlier in the week),” said Hooper. “We all have something to share. These are my training buddies. It feels great to do something as a team.”
“Everybody did their part today,” said Coates who was third to compete in the relay. “We definitely needed each other.”
The men’s team included Matthew Sharpe (Victoria), Cole Stewart (Langley) and Jeffrey Phillips (Victoria) who also won a gold medal earlier in individual triathlon.
Team BC Triathlon
Team BC Triathlon
“It feels pretty sweet,” said Sharpe. “We all put in a good effort.”
Both Hooper and Phillips won individual gold medals in triathlon earlier in the week and BC made history claiming six medals in their first appearance in the Canada Summer Games.
“This whole format is outstanding,” added Kelly whose brothers Wayne (1984 Olympics) and Jon (1988 Olympics) competed internationally in swimming. “The comraderie and support of the athletes and coaches in this environment is exceptional.”
Hooper, Coates and Sharpe now head to Australia to compete in the 2009 World Championships.