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Monday, June 23, 2008

One more

Oh- one more- Here's our group representing!

Cascade Edge Tri!

Here's some pictures of the Cascade Edge Triathlon! Congratulations goes out to all of the Juniors- especially the young ones who showed us how it is done.

Here's the race start- Sharpe is pretty pumped.

Kyla running fast.

Our winners! So proud *sniff
Ice bathing in Port Angeles
On the ferry- this is one of the most attractive pictures of all of us, so I thought I better put it up

Friday, June 20, 2008

Juniors off to Washington State

Well this was the weekend some of the juniors: Alex, Kyla, Christine, Matt, Aaron and Jeff were supposed to race at the North American Junior Champs in Des Moines, Iowa. But for anyone who watched the news last week..... as someone so eloquently put it... "in Des Moines last week there was plenty of water but nowhere to swim". The lake where the race was supposed to take place was flooded and bacterial levels made it impossible to stage the race there. After hearing that the race had been changed to a duathlon, coach PK decided that going that far and not swimming wasn't worth it. Although the athletes were disappointed it was the best decision. Of course as fate would have it, 2 days after the decision was made not to go, they found a venue in West Des Moines and the swim was on again. However with only 2 days notice to race day it was too late to change plans again.. so perhaps Des Moines next year??? Quite frankly most parents were relieved.. and so was the visa card.. seriously, with major flooding in the city and tornadoes happening it seemed a very wise decision not to go.

But what to do next???? Coach PK ever the opportunist found a race in the booming metropolis of Enumclaw Washington... where you ask??? Well about the only thing it has in common with the race in Des Moins is that they are both in the USA. Slightly south of Tacoma, Enumclaw is the site of the . The slightly smaller group: Jeff, Matt, Kyla, Alex, and Christine will represent Canada at this race on Saturday (June 21st) Check out the site for race results. Have fun, race hard and remember there is always next year to show those American Juniors what real racing is...

Recently at the finish line of the Subaru Shawnigan
Lake Sprint race. ... is that really a current member of the
Canadian Olympic team... and perhaps a few wannabe's??
l to r... Scotty, Aaron, Paul, Matt, Connor and of course Kirsten.

On the podium at Shawnigan....

Some of the team in their new cycling outfits...
at the Newton Heights Crit.