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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gates Pass Hill Repeats.

March 15th.   3 hr ride this morning.  Warm up along Mission Rd, Ajo Valley Rd, Kinney Rd to the turn off for Gates Pass.   Next up was the TT from the Kinney Rd turn off to the summit of Gates Pass.  We followed that up with two more repeats in groups os threes.. then rolled home for some refuelling, a short break then into the U of A pool for 3.2 km of easy/technical swimming.   The day finished off with 30-45' easy run.   Tomorrow we'll have a lighter day as the past three days have been pretty big days!  We look forward to the arrival of Simon, Kyle, Lauren and Kathy tomorrow along with Coach Phlippe and our HP director Kurt.   A few pics of today's Gates Pass work.   

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update from Tucson.

It's day 2 of training in Tucson.    So far a good start to the camp.  We all arrived Thursday evening except for A-Russ, AP and Austin who arrived on Wednesday.   
Friday the camp started with a 5000yd swim in the outdoor U o Arizona pool. Russ (Aquatic director) has been fantastic in setting us up with some sweet pool time.   Friday afternoon we did a 2 + hour shakedown ride up Gates Pass and into cactus land.    Saturday morning we get rolling at 9 a.m. with another ride up Gates Pass but ventured much further into the land of sun, coyotes and more cactus.   We did the Avra Valley loop and back into town (about a 4 + hour ride in some warm sun).   Regeneration then onto the late afternoon run.   The guys did a 3 x 10' effort run, juniors and Kerry got together at the Tucson High School track (killer track with bondo surface and artificial field).  Workout was slightly different than the boys  5 x 5:00-5:30 with two grass loops on the outside field and two loops on the track.    Took a few pics for ya.   Next update in a few days!!  p.s. should note that Kerry was pacing the girls in the pics above.. on the last interval.  She was chasing the guys in the previous efforts..    Checking out for now. PK