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Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Matt flashing his pearly whites!

Hi Mom.. lovin' it down here in Tucson.. Send money!!!   

the two amigos!

Cole and Taylor cruisin' and enjoying a lighter day of training. 


the boys and Rachel on a 2hr regeneration ride on the Old Spanish Trail.. enjoying some heat and good converstions. 

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kerry - a fine Irish lass! March 17th.. don't forget.. St. Paddy's Day!

Arizona Training Camp

Hi All..  here's the link to the Arizona Training Camp blog.. if you don't already have it.  

We'll be posting regular updates with pics, so check in with us to see what's up! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Need Motivation?

you never know when fast running might come in handy!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Stevo with his new horse courtesy of Oak Bay Bikes. That is one nice machine.

saddled and ready: post Bazan Bay 5km.

 full results and pics for the Bazan Bay 5km at:

Bazan Bay 5km blast.

Well that was fast..  I'm back on my computer posting the Bazan Bay 5km times and it feels like I haven't left the house since my last post.  Guess that's cause everyone ran so d**n fast today.    Nice racing boys and girls!  

Here's how it played out at the end of the 5km:  
  • Andrew Russell:  15:17 (first overall), last year 15:44    Guess the elite dudes know you mean biz there A-Russ.   14' something will be in your sights next year.  Sweeeet run!
  • Stephen Kilshaw: 15:35 (fifth overall), last year 16:08   A serious chunk of time off of last year there Stevo. Nice run.. Next year.. we'll be looking at the 14' mark. 
  • Jeff Phillips:   15:36 (sixth overall, top junior man), last year 16:08..  JP that is smokin'.. junior men look out for the JP man!
  • Matt Sharpe: 16:14 last year 18:02.. yes folks.. that's right.. Sharpie ripped it up with a big time PB.   The first one's on me Sharpie. Nice piece of work today.
  • Aaron Thomas: 16:59 last year 17:35.. that's sweet A-Thom..  that was a nice effort today. 
  • Scott Dagnall: 17:04.. a shade off of last' year.  You're going to bust loose in Tucson and Mazatlan Scottie.   Hot Doggie!   
  • Kyla Coates: 17:56.. first ever 5km road race - new junior women's course record..  yeeehaaaa.. as they say in Cowtown..   Bien fait mademoiselle!   
Post race we all saddled up for a 2.5-3 hr ride with long intervals through the Deep Cove - Lands loop.   Then a few well deserved big fat cinnamon buns from the Sidney Bakery.  

Great efforts all around.. get those legs up.. iced and rested for next week. 
p.s. very good warm up today.. w/drills - strides.  Attention to a good warm up I believe helped play a part in some fast running today..  Along with that Java that Sharpie gulped down before his blast off !

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bazan Bay 5km. March 9th, 2008

Tomorrow (Sunday, March 9th, is the much anticipated Bazan Bay 5km in Sidney.   This is a fast and flat course and we should see improvements on last years times.   Here's how some of the athletes went last year:  Andrew Russell 15:44, Stephen Kilshaw 16:08, Jeff Phillips 16:09, Scott Dagnall 16:44, Aaron Thomas 17:35, Matt Sharpe 18:02, Kerry Spearing 18:43, Mel McQuaid 18:55

Today after our race prep run I asked the athletes what they had in mind for goal times for tomorrow....!  We should see some nice improvements on last year's results.     I'll post the 08 times shortly.    

I'll leave you with this quote for the weekend: "What matters is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight - it's the size of the fight in the dog."  Dwight D. Eisenhower - Former US President.