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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cobble Hill 10km results.

Cobble Hill  10km results:  Very fast early season running with most achieving PB's and some course records.   Barb will post pics shortly (right Barb!)

Jeff Phillips - 32:03 personal best, 2nd overall
Andrew Russell - 32:49, 4th overall
Matt Sharpe - 33:08, 1st junior - huge PB
Austin Horn - 33:19, nice tempo effort
Nicholas Bocherens - 34:23 nice run Nick. 
Aaron Thomas - 34:58 - personal best, 2nd junior
Kirill Solovyev - 36:38 - nice run Kirill
Kyla Coates - 38:06 - personal best, 1st junior
Alex Coates - 38:09 - personal best, 2nd junior
Alison Hooper - 38:54 - personal best, 3rd junior
Christine Ridenour - 39:29 - personal best

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NTC boys take bronze

Here are some pics of our Junior Boys getting their medals for the relay at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival.

Back from Aussie.

Juniors and coach are home!  Great experience in Aussie.   Fast racing, very good results and a fun day at Manly Beach with Julien.   Here are some pics.   

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Team Race Update from Australia


Quick update from Aussie.

Team relay results (300m swim, 10k bike, 3k run).

Boys: Bronze Medal - Matt led off with a strong getting Canada into the front pack of 5 handing off to Aaron who had a brilliant leg getting Canada up to the front Aussie/Kiwi team. Front pack was down to four - Canada, New Zealand, Team ITU and Australia. The New Zealand and Aussie team charged out on the run and Aaron keep in close contact keeping Canada in third and gapping the Team ITU. On the change over for the third leg the New Zealanders and Aussies had a 50m lead on the swim leg however Cole Stewart powered up to them to form a pack of three guaranteeing Canada of a medal. The front running Kiwis' and Aussies' showed their run speed to take Gold and Silver respectively with Cole bringing Canada home close behind for the Bronze. Very good performances by the Canadians considering that in 4 days the Aussies will be selecting their world junior team from the Canberra race and the Kiwi's used the race as a world junior team selection event.. so needless to say they are all in top racing form.

Girls: Sixth Place - Christine took Canada out strong on the first leg of the relay with a front pack swim and bike keeping Canada in close on the run. Kyla took over the next leg and kept the team in the top five but the gaps started on the bike leg with two Australian teams getting away. Alex raced the anchor leg and keep Canada close finishing about 30-40 seconds back from the bronze medal.

We should proud of our juniors for competing so well against some southern hemisphere national teams that are in top racing form.

Thanks for cheering for us. We could feel it all the way here in Aussie.

We're just packing up the bikes then off for an afternoon of sightseeing and shopping with the other triathlon nations.

Tomorrow we'll take the local train down to Sydney and meet a former NTC athlete Julien Periard, who is doing is PhD at Sydney University, for some more sightseeing and beach time - Manley Beach.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday in Vic.

Thanks NTC team mates and parents.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kerry and Team Canada win Brazil FAST triathlon

Congrats to our Canadian Girls (Lauren, Kerry and Rachel) on winning the Brazil FAST team triathlon.   Nice racing girls!    Maybe Kerry will post a race report and a few pics on the blog. 
In the meantime, here are a few pics. 

Day before RACE DAY in Aussie.

Hi NTC Squad back home.   

We'll it's  Thursday afternoon and we're less than 24 hours away from the first of two races (the second is a sprint relay on Saturday - each athlete does 300m swim, 8km bike, 2km run). 

We've done all our prep and now it's just rest, legs on wall pose, ice baths and good positive mental viz. 

It's been really hot here the past few days with mid day temps up around 40c.  We're about 60km away from the city of Sydney and somewhat inland so it's much hotter than downtown.   We're doing our best to keep cool with some cold drinks, lot's of hydration and and a modified ice bath using a large plastic garbage bin.   Tomorrow is forecast to be slightly cooler with some welcome moisture.  We'll see!!??

Still looking to borrow a USB cable to download some pics for you all to see (as I left mine back in E town).   So just think, HOT, Kangaroos (we'll we're still looking for our first Roo), flip flops and the well know Aussie accent. 

Keep the good work going back home!  I'm sure Carolyn and Thalia are getting some good work out of you. 

Later - from Down Under. 


update from Sunny and Hot Sydney.

Hi All (parents, athletes) - (this is my first day online -  I had to buy a pre paid wireless broadband and it's expensive). 

Before the update from Down Under: A big congrats to Kerry, Lauren and Rachel for the impressive win at the Brazil FAST race.  Great job girls.  Kerry, I expect a few Starbies with all that new prize money.. he he!  

And well done to the NTC racers that raced the Pioneer 8km last weekend.  JP nice strong result for early season racing and strong efforts by Andrew,  Nick and Kirill.   Alison - sweet race, new PR and overall win for junior women.  Hilary, heard you put in a strong run 5k.      (read a few race reports on workout log.. so good to read those, if you haven't yet, please do so - thx). 

OK, here's the quick update from the AYOF.   As you've all heard we had a trouble free flight and adjusted quite quickly to the jet lag.   As soon as we boarded the big bird we put ourselves on Sydney time and it's worked out quite well. 

The past few days race prep has gone very well.  On Tuesday we all travelled to the Penrith Regatta Centre for a good look at the race course.  It's very simple with a straight line from from 750m out to the exit at T1.  Athletes will do 4 loops of the bike around the rowing basin,  with very soft turns at each end of the basin and one little chicane as we loop up behind the grandstands.   The run is also around the basin with 1 loop at 5k.    

Today we did a short run in the morning to avoid the real killer heat (got up to 40c later in the day) and cooled off in the outdoor pool near our residence with a short activiation/cool down swim.   At 2:30 p.m athletes gathered from all sports and departed for the opening ceremonies at the Sydney Entrainment Centre.  It was a long affair but really good fun with some fine performances.   We got to meet up with Swimming Canada and Gymnastics Canada, the remainder of Team Canada for the AYOF. Lot's of laughs along the way and we had the cutest little Ausse girl carry in our banner.  I'll post a few pics shortly. 

Tomorrow is a light day for training with final preparations and attention to some race readiness.   We're all happy and in great health.    One more day of pre race prep then it's SHOW TIME.  The athletes are feeling more rested and looking forward to race day. 

Hope your weather isn't so bad in Vic.. cause we're soaking up some great sun.. tan lines are already being discussed. 

I'll update in a day or two.  (forgot my USB cord so until I can borrow one I can't upload photos).   

We miss you all..   or do we!.. ha ha!!!    coach Kelly. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pioneer Photos

All photos courtesy of Tony Austin Photos

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pioneer 8k

Five NTC athletes took part in the first of the island series runs on Sunday. THe turnout for the race was exceptional, far more than ever before mostly due to it being the 30th anniversary of the event and the 8k BC Championships.

A fast, deep, field was assembled in both mens and womens races. THe four NTC men (Jeff, Andrew, Kirill, Nicolas) ran well for their first strong effort of the year. Jeff led the way with a great run (25:47). Alison was the lone NTC female athlete, but she did not disappoint by winning the junior category easily!

Full results can be found here.

Photos from the event up shortly

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January Update. Upcoming races!

Happy New Year to All. 

Upcoming races for the NTC dev squad:

1. Kerry Spearing will be racing the Brazil FAST race on January 11th along with Lauren Groves and Rachel McBride as they represent Canada in this unique super sprint format. 

2. Jeff Phillips, Andrew Russell and most of the squad will be racing the Pioneer 8km  on January 11th.  This is the 30th anniversary of the race.  Several past winners have been invited back and there is some pretty good prize money up for grabs this year.

3. Matt, Aaron, Cole, Kyla, Alex and Christine leave for the Australia Youth Olympics on Saturday.  Gaby will race for Team ITU. Races on Feb 16/17 (indv sprint and super sprint relay).  The multisport games will consist of approx 1800 athletes from 23 countries competing in 17 sports.  more info at  Should be FUN. 

4. Jeff Phillips, Andrew Russell and Austin Horn will take part in the Brazil FAST race in early February as Team Canada.   Go FAST boys!  

Results and pics will be posted after the events.